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A profile of my version of Lightning Strike.


Basic Info

Name: Lightning Strike/Wilhelm Blitz

Nicknames: Light, Major, Dust Storm Alchemist

Age: 35-36

Birthday: March 12th

Astrological Sign: Aries

Gender: Male

Species: Human



Parents: N/A, deceased

Brothers: N/A

Sisters: N/A

Uncles, Aunts and Cousins: N/A

Adoptive and Step-Family: Ace (adoptive younger brother)

Others: Oiseau (wife, deceased), Aerrow Strike (son)



Allegiance: Sky Knights/Amestris

Squadron or Group (plus position): Storm Hawks (former Sky Knight) Amestrian military (State Alchemist, rank of Major)

Friends: Current Storm Hawks, Edward Elric, Harrier, citizens of Terra Tranqua, Ace, previous generation of Storm Hawks

Best Friend: Harrier

Enemies: Dark Ace, anybody else associated with Cyclonia

Worst Enemy: N/A

Love Interest: Oiseau (wife)

Exes: N/A

Pet: N/A



Birthplace: Unknown

Current Home: Central City



Skin Tone: Caucasian, light tan

Eyes: Hazel (which is what he’d say, as they appear different depending on the lighting)

Hair: Red, somewhat messy

Other Features: Muscular, perma-stubble, frequently looks tired



Personality: Lightning Strike tends to be good-humoured and friendly about most things, and devotes himself to keeping his son safe, but there’s always an underlying tone of sadness to him, caused by the knowledge that he failed in his original mission and missed out on Aerrow growing up. If this failure is brought up, he can become aggressive, but not as aggressive as if somebody tries to hurt Aerrow. He tends to be over-protective of the boy, which is understandable considering what happened to both of them.

Flaws: Comes across as ignorant at times, occasionally insensitive, tends to arrive late to events where his skills would be very much needed, doesn’t study much, over-protective of Aerrow

Greatest desires: To repair his relationships with his friends in Atmos, to keep his heritage secret from the military

Greatest fears: Being outed, losing his son

Likes: Flying, his family, training, practising alchemy, having authority for the first time in years, telling everybody how perfect his son is, bugging Harrier, an occasional glass of beer

Dislikes: Seeing his son in danger, Cyclonia, traitors, injuring his hands (since that’s where his transmutation circles are), misjudging situations (which is sadly frequent)



Weapon (s): Crystal-powered sword (former), handguns (rarely), alchemy

Preferred Crystal: Blue striker crystals (rarely used)

Abilities: Physically powerful, strong alchemist, expert at swordplay, good at befriending people



Birth: Lightning Strike was born on Terra Atmosia. He doesn’t remember who his mother was, but he knows that his father wasn’t around very much.

Childhood: He spent a majority of his childhood on Terra Atmosia, wishing he could take to the skies as his family had before him. It was peaceful and he made many friends, but always had an underlying fear of Cyclonia coming to destroy them. He did occasionally get into fights with fellow youths about this.

Teenage Years: Lightning’s father came to bring him into the Storm Hawks when he was 12. He spent four years training with his father and getting to know the rest of the squadron - tactician Jubilee, marksman Spike, strongman Jet and carrier pilot Floyd – before his father left on a solo mission and failed to return. Luckily now at the minimum age for registration (16) Lightning Strike took up the helm and became the Sky Knight of the Storm Hawks. After several months, Lightning adopted an orphan boy off the streets of Atmosia and named him Ace, and after the boy showed natural talent for flying, Lightning made him his co-pilot.

At age 18, Lightning responded to a distress call on Terra Tranqua and helped to fight away an attacking platoon of Cyclonians. This was when he met Oiseau, a woman living on the terra, and he instantly fell in love, and pursued a relationship in spite of Ace and Spike’s teasing. The two married when they were 19.

Adulthood: Lightning became a father when he was 20, and his son was born and given the name Aerrow. This led him to become even more devoted to defeating Cyclonia than he already had been, out of determination to build a safe world for his son to grow up in. When he was 22, Ace was captured and held prisoner by Cyclonia for several days before being released, but had undergone a radical change of personality. It soon became clear that there was a second being dwelling within him which the team dubbed Dark Ace. Lightning was forced to keep him confined to the Condor, both for his own safety and for the safety of everybody else. He kept in regular contact with his family and, at the age of 24, decided enough was enough and rallied a massive force to attack Cyclonia.

The attack failed. Dark Ace surfaced again and cut down Lightning Strike with his own sword, breaking his glider and sending him falling into the Wastelands. However, before he hit the ground, he was immersed in a wash of light and awakened in a sewer, where an extremely large person was preparing to devour him. He managed to escape, but found himself in an unfamiliar city, which he soon learned was called Central City. Somehow he had left Atmos completely and arrived in an entirely different world.

After learning what alchemy was, Lightning adopted the pseudonym “Wilhelm Blitz” and started to teach himself alchemy in application to air and earth, while researching human transmutation on the side in the hopes of finding himself a way home. He spent a total of eight years homeless, wandering from town to town and library to library in his new home nation of Amestris, and having to cut transmutation circles into his hands due to lack of a pen. He finally settled in a slum outside Central City and made plans to transmute himself back into Atmos. However, necessity led him to transmute a total of eight others instead over a two year period.

It was when he transmuted a fifteen year old boy that he realised he had to stop, but when the boy returned, he realised he had succeeded. It took Lightning a year to prepare for a reverse transmutation that would hopefully bring the rest of his squadron to Amestris, and when that seemed to fail, he passed the military’s exams and became a state alchemist. But not long after that, Amestris and Atmos became permanently connected thanks to the actions of Cyclonia, the Storm Hawks and the Fullmetal Alchemist and his family.

Lightning Strike, however, decided not to go home, as he’d been presumed dead for eleven years now. It was only after he found his now-teenage son, wounded and traumatised in a backstreet alley in Central, that he started to consider returning. After finally reconnecting with Aerrow and making sure he got home and wanted to do so, he started making occasional visits to Atmos, curious on how the world had changed and trying to raise awareness for what would be an inevitable attack by Cyclonia.


Other Stuff

Favourite Colour: Red, though he also likes the royal blue of Amestrian uniforms

Favourite Food and Drink: no particular favourite food, no favourite drink

Favourite Song: Somewhere Only We Know (Keane), Carry On My Wayward Son (lullaby version, original by Kansas)

Hobbies: Reading, training, practising alchemy

Status: Married, alive

Catchphrase: N/A

Ambition(s)/Dream(s): Find out what happened to his squadron, make enough money to keep his son’s squadron afloat, secure peace in Atmos.


Thanks to :iconcarlottastudios: for the use of their template.


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Name's Caitlin. 17 years old. Born in England, living in Australia. Any other info has been classified by me because I really don't think you need to know it right now.

I like anime and cartoons. I often post things relating to them. My favourites list is often growing. As per my title, I often laugh at my thoughts and creep other people out. Other than that, I'm just another boffin trying to get by in this crazy world.

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